Known locally as Mop Hall rumour has it, that it was built by a Desford family named Thompson, whose business was making mops. So Mop Hall became the name of their new house.

Originally the land around The Hall was more extensive than the Park today. There was the Gate House, Gardeners Cottage and stables and garden buildings to the rear of The Hall.

The entrance road originally ran right past the front door of the Gate House and the tree avenue still follows that route now, although the drive diverts away.

Since being a home The Hall has had many functions including, Gentleman's convalescent home and an annexe of Desford Boy's School, closed in the 1950s.

It has also been a home for the mentally handicapped and a hospital for soldiers wounded during the First World War.

More recently it was purchased by George Davies and was the founding home for NEXT plc.

The current owners bought The Hall in 1999. Further refurbishment and extensive work to the grounds see it as it is today.

2008/09 has seen the addition of the new Coach House offering a suite of 12 new offices.